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Bosley Bobkins Policies 2019


The pre-school is open to equal opportunities regardless of status, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion, disabilities (where equipment and staff experience will allow), children with special needs including those children whose welfare may suffer in rural areas due to the lack of public transport. We endeavour to meet all statutory requirements for health and safety, early years foundation stage, safeguarding and welfare requirements.


To create and provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment, where children have the opportunity to explore, discover and interact socially with other children. We aim to work in partnership with families to enable each child to fulfill their potential, build self confidence and enjoy their pre-school experience.


The Pre-school is registered for a maximum of 16 children per session aged 2 to 5 years old.

Admissions are decided via a ‘Waiting List’.


For any children aged 2 and above who are not yet completely toilet trained, parents or carers must provide all necessities required for changing a nappy including nappies, wipes, preferred creams and perfumed nappy sacks. To avoid any confusion these items will need to be in a separate named bag, with all contents individually named to avoid confusion. We are unable to apply any creams that are not labelled with individual child’s names. Soiled items will be double wrapped and returned home for disposal. The Manager will need to be notified regarding any allergies to particular nappies or creams etc.

In light of safe guarding issues, during toilet and nappy changing doors are left slightly open to provide privacy for the child and security for the staff. All nappy changes are documented. Students do not change nappies and are not left alone with our children.

If any child is at the toilet training stage, staff and parents/carers will meet to discuss individual arrangements that fit in with both Bobkins and each child. Particular circumstances can be discussed at this stage to determine any specific requirement beneficial to both parties. All toilet training will be completely individual to each family and any home plan will be followed where possible for staff and other Bobkins children.


Children and parents will be welcomed individually by a member of staff. Parents are encouraged to ease transitions by attending for settling in periods – this can be child dependant and can be discussed with your child’s key worker.

The lead professional is responsible for marking the Register. For safety reasons this will be marked shortly after the children arrive.

Parents are required to complete the “sign in book” detailing arrival time and who will collect the child.

- No children will leave Pre-school unattended. Children will be handed over to their respective Parent/Guardian individually.

  • Parents must stipulate on the Registration Form the names of those people who will be collecting their child and are available if, for any reason, they find they cannot collect during the session.
  • It will also be necessary to formally notify the Manager when Parents/Guardians have given permission for another adult to collect their child. This will be written in our signing out book or a password will be used.
  • Please be aware that Bobkins will close before School so allow time to pick up a Bobkins child before picking up a child from school.
  • Depending on circumstances, Bobkins reserve the right to charge parents who pick up children late. Collection time is 3.15pm; charges could be added from 3.20pm. Staff are now likely to be conducting meetings or attending training after this time or be unavailable to stay. Cover for your child for safeguarding purposes has to be two members of staff for an hour and you may be charged accordingly.
  • If no-one collects the child and the premises are closing, or staff are no longer available to care for the child, we contact our local authority first contact department (telephone number 0300 123 5033) and inform Ofsted (telephone number 0300 123 1231).
  • A full written report of the incident is recorded; and
  • Depending on circumstances, we reserve the right to charge parents for the additional hours worked by our staff.
  • When arriving or leaving the setting, parents/carers are required to ensure that all doors and gates are securely closed.

Pre-school enforces a No Smoking Policy, which is extended to Parents/Guardians during arrival and departure times.


The lead professional will be responsible for providing adequate cover for the remaining adult/child ratio. Supervisor to check building and outside area thoroughly. If the child is not found police and parents will be informed immediately.


The pre-school strictly enforces no physical discipline i.e. smacking, slapping, shaking or other physical punishment. This also includes no verbal recriminations or negative labeling of a child. Most children under the age of five will at some stage hurt or say something hurtful to another child, especially if their emotions are high at the time. We recognize this and aim to support all children to self regulate behaviour through individual programmes, recognizing their own and the feelings of others and positive reinforcement of acceptable behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour from a child includes hitting, bullying, kicking, biting and bad language spoiling other children’s play. This type of behaviour must be dealt with quickly and effectively. The child must be told that his/her behaviour is inappropriate and unacceptable at Pre-school. If the behaviour persists, then appropriate action will be taken, (i.e. Supervisor or Keyworker in a positive manner, will talk to the child or, if necessary, the parent). Any behaviour – bullying – will not be tolerated and parent/guardian will be informed.

We promote positive behaviour and build self esteem by acknowledging and rewarding with verbal praise, our individual and class reward system (e.g. “Star of the Day”) and non-verbal communication such as smiles, claps, etc. Positive behaviour will also be reported to parents.

The staff will encourage a child to share and be thoughtful to their peers during play.

We would also request that staff are treated with respect at all times. Threats and abuse towards staff or committee members will not be tolerated and further action may be taken to safeguard our employees.


In the interest of other children, any child who has an infection or contagious condition should not attend Pre-school. We ask that children are kept at home for at least 48 hours after sickness or diarrhoea.

The pre-school can refuse admission to children who either have a temperature, sickness and/or diarrhoea or a contagious infection or disease. When prescribed antibiotics, parents are asked to keep the child at home for 48 hours before returning to the setting.

Please keep your child at home if they have a raised temperature. Once the temperature has been controlled for over 24 hours without medication, your child can return to Bobkins providing they don’t have any other signs of illness. We assume we have your permission to take your child’s temperature as routine care if we have any concerns about your child’s health unless you specify otherwise in writing.

All illnesses are handled according to the infection control guidelines. A poster is available in the pre-school office.

Conjunctivitis is managed according to the NHS guidelines and we ask parents to keep their child at home until the infected eye/s has been treated or the infection has cleared up.

Please inform a member of staff if your child has been given any medication (Calpol, Nurofen, hayfever relief etc.) before they arrive at Bobkins.

Something a bit unpleasant – but largely unavoidable during childhood are nits! Please treat your child before returning to Bobkins and inform a member of staff.

A parent must give written authorisation to a staff member before agreeing that a staff member may administer medicine for such conditions as asthma or other long-term conditions. Medicines will only be administered in exceptional circumstances and if prescribed by a doctor. Please do not leave any medication in your child’s bag (eg. Calpol etc.)

- Medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, dosage and any instructions.

- All medicines will be kept out of a child’s reach in a lockable room or fridge where necessary.

  • A medication book will be available to log the child’s name and the time any medication was administered together with the signature of the lead professional who has administered each dose. This book also has parental permission signatures.

- Parents must countersign any staff administration of medication.


In the event of a major accident, emergency services will be utilised as a standard procedure. Minor accidents will be immediately assessed and the appropriate first aid will be administered. If necessary parents will be called and a child will not be left alone unless he/she is fit to return to play.

All parents are asked to sign that emergency first aid treatment (including that by ambulance/hospital staff) can be administered to their child.

The Manager will record all accidents in the Pre-school’s Accident Book and the parent must sign when collecting their child.


- The Manager or the lead professional acting as our fire marshall is responsible for the evacuation of the building.

- The Deputy is designated to take the children to the Assembly Point, whilst Manager and Helpers check the rest of the building.

- Emergency calls will be made from Bobkins’ phone which is kept in the office/classroom at all times.

- Fire exit is made through the marked exit doors through the side entrance of the building and also marked exits onto the balcony.

- Assembly point outside the building is at the bottom of the front school playing field.

- The Manager is responsible for taking a register to ensure that everyone who was in the building is safely out of danger.


- These will take place every term in conjunction with Bosley St. Mary School Fire drills.

- The Head Teacher will inform the Pre-school Manager when these are to take place. All staff, parents and children will be informed of the procedure.

- The date, time and Manager signature will be recorded in the Bobkins’ Fire Procedure Book.

- In case of an intruder on the premises a whistle is blown and all children follow a practiced procedure to re-enter the building/go to a safe place. All staff are aware and can lead this.


- Children will not be left in a room alone at any time. All children will be supervised by staff at all times and will always be within sight of an adult.

  • All staff have current Paediatric First Aid Certificates.

- The entrance door is locked and fitted with a short alarm which sounds when the door is opened.

- Children do not have access to the kitchen area at anytime.

- Hot drinks will be kept out of a child’s reach.

- Equipment will be checked regularly for weakness or damage. Broken items will be discarded.

- Fire doors will never be obstructed.

- Heaters and electrical points will be adequately guarded.

  • Adults will ensure that children do not have access to potential dangers such as cupboards or kitchen equipment i.e. kettle.

- Bosley Bobkins is a non-smoking environment, and no alcohol is permitted on the premises.


At Bobkins the safety of our pupils is of utmost importance. The following precautions are in place alongside our safeguarding policy to further secure the emotional and physical wellbeing of our pupils.

- Mobile phones are kept on the kitchen shelf in a transparent box, visual to all and only used in emergencies. Calls will be made/taken by staff only in the kitchen unless privacy is needed to talk to parents or regarding a safeguarding issue. If the pre-school goes out on a local walk or day trip mobile phone will be taken in a rucksack to be used in case of emergency.

- Photographs/videos of the children are taken and used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. All parents sign a written permission form and can see the photos at any time.

- We have a staff professional code of conduct signed by all members of staff which outlines expected behaviour including the use of social networking sites.

- All parents receive a safeguarding letter about the use of social networking sites.

- Parents and staff are advised that any photographs/videos taken are for their own use only and should not be used for public viewing.

- Webcams are not used in the setting at present and use of the internet is staff only and for office purposes.

- Children have appropriate cameras for their use during play activities, photographs/videos taken are regularly monitored by staff members and can be seen by parents at any time.

- Staff are kept up to date with recent developments in safeguarding policy including serious case reviews and their recommendations.

- All staff have safeguarding training in a variety of areas and levels from basic to intermediate and neglect, FGM and PREVENT.

- Confidentiality and Data protection. All information you share about your child is considered confidential to Bobkins and will only be shared with outside professionals on a strictly “need to know basis”. This information is kept securely in a locked facility. Access to this information is provided within a specific framework.


- Children will be encouraged to wash their hands after visiting the toilet and after messy play.

  • To wash their hands before handling food i.e. snack time and baking activities.
  • To wash hands after “messy play” inside or outdoors.

- All staff hold a Food Hygiene Certificate.


- Snacks and lunch time are important parts of our day. We actively encourage healthy eating including reduction of sugar levels in our food and use the time to promote good manners, sharing and trying new things. We use a daily helper system to promote independency.

- During our food times, children are encouraged to try all foods. Savoury food is offered first and children are asked to try a reasonable amount (dependant on individual child’s needs) before receiving the sweet option in both school lunch, packed lunches and at snack times.

- Before a child starts, dietary needs and allergies are recorded on the Parent Contract and all staff are informed.

- In case of allergies, please complete our separate dietary permission sheet.

- The school lunch menu is displayed on our notice board and packed lunches are kept in our fridge. Parents are encouraged to provide healthy options in their packed lunches.

- During lunch time, staff eat with the children and actively encourage independence, good manners and healthy eating.

- Tables, floors and toilets are cleaned regularly

- Tissues and wipes are provided when needed.

- We provide clean sets of clothes if the child does not have his/her own in case of accidents or wet play.

- We would appreciate a named water bottle for your child’s use which is taken home daily for a thorough clean as we do not have the facilities at Bobkins.


The Pre-school is run by a volunteer committee, which consists of officers including Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

- All parents on entry are considered committee members and are entitled to attend meetings.

- Parents will be made aware of these roles and the names of the persons who hold them via the Pre-school Welcome Pack and Pre-school’s notice Board.

- The Chairperson and Manager are responsible for the upkeep of Registration Forms.

- The Chairperson is responsible for Waiting List, Staff Wages, Insurance and reporting any changes in circumstances to Social Care Services and/or Ofsted.

- The committee reserve the right to reserve funds in case there is a need to relocate or change premises due to circumstances beyond their control.

- The Manager with the Committee’s prior approval has responsibility for the ordering of equipment and materials.

  • The Pre-school encourages parental involvement through regular informal meetings and concerts as well as fundraising activities and home/school link book/WOW wall.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the pre-school at any time and stay for as long as deemed necessary to make their child feel safe and secure.

Our Complaint Procedure and official complaint forms are available on our website and our Notice Board.

Parents should first speak to the Manager, and then if not satisfied approach a Committee Member. If you feel your complaint needs to be taken further, you may contact Ofsted at:

Early Years,


Piccadilly Gate

Store Street

MANCHESTER. M2 7WD Telephone: 0300 123 1231


Cheshire Police,

Brunswick Street,


Cheshire. SK10 1HQ Telephone0845 458 6371 or 101

Child Protection Statement Procedures for managing allegations against members of staff:-

Parents are requested to inform the Chairperson of any concerns they may have and then, if necessary together, get in touch with the Manager and/or Ofsted (Telephone No. 0300 123 1231)

Any member of staff who has had an allegation of child abuse made about them will be suspended until investigations have been completed. Ofsted and Social Services will be notified. If the allegations are proved to be true, the member of staff will obviously be dismissed.


Waiting List - Chairperson and Supervisor

Children’s Details - Manager

Accidents - Manager

Fire Drill - Manager

Children’s Progress - Manager

All written records of the children will be confidential and kept securely. Parents can access the records of their child only with the permission of a member of staff.

All parents will be informed that records are kept and why, how they can access them and where they are kept.


Our Designated lead is Jocelyn Kirkpatrick; Deputy is Pauline Robinson and committee lead is Shirley Carlisle.

The prime responsibility of the group is to protect the child. The group has a duty to take action and there are other agencies who will give assistance where required. All staff have undertaken safe guarding training and have current Enhanced CRB or DBS checks.

- Please see our Cheshire East Safeguarding Policy.

- Any member of staff who finds an unexplained injury or notices behaviour in a child, which concerns them, must tell the Supervisor immediately. (This however should not prevent that person from reporting directly to Social Services or other concerned agencies).

  • An Action Group will be assigned.

- If there is a concern about a staff member, please report to either the Manager, Committee Chair – , Safe Guarding Officer – Shirley Carlisle or directly to Ofsted.

  • Any relevant information or observations will be gathered to create a confidential log for the Action Group. The log will be factual and will include times and dates.
  • Meetings will be held with parents to voice any concerns.
  • If the concerns remain, the Action Group (Manager, Deputy and designated Safe Guarding Committee Member) informs Social Services.

- We have a professional love policy that details our ethos about touch and safer caring practices.


Our SENDCO is Jocelyn Kirkpatrick, Deputy Pauline Robinson

Our pre-school aims to have regard to the SEND Code of Practice for Early Years (2014) of the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs for all children.

Children with special needs, like all other children, are admitted to the pre-school after consultation between parents, pre-school leader and Keyworker.

Our system of observation and record keeping, which operates in conjunction with parents, enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis. A graduated approach will be used for SEN support and every effort will be made to support the child and the family if and when it is needed

Our Keyworker system ensures that each adult is especially responsible for, and close to, just five or six children, so each child receives plenty of adult time and attention.

If it is felt that a child’s needs cannot be met in the pre-school without the support of a one-to-one worker, funding will be sought to employ one.

We work in liaison with staff outside the group, including speech therapists, health visitors, psychologists, social workers, paediatricians and family support workers to meet children’s specific needs.

Our staff attend whenever possible in-service training on special needs arranged by the Pre-school Learning Alliance, Cheshire East and other professional bodies.

We employ a teacher who is qualified and experienced in special needs and who acts as the special needs co-ordinator.


Our Pre-school is committed to providing support for all children and their families. All staff will do all that they can to enable “cared for” children in their care to achieve and reach their full potential. Staff will undertake appropriate training to enable them to accommodate the child’s needs.


- Risk Assessments are completed and pre visits where appropriate.

- We aim to use the local environment as much as possible. We have our own outdoor waterproof clothing and hi-visibility vests.

- Staff/pupil ratio is always considered and safety is of utmost importance at all times. Bobkins’ mobile, first aid kit, contact details and any required medication is taken on all trips or visits and parental permission is granted before any child leaves the pre-school building.


Parents are encouraged to apply sun cream and send in a named bottle for use during the day. All parents are asked to sign a permission form to enable staff to apply sun protection during the day. We also wear sun hats and have a small amount for use if parents forget to bring them in.

  • To provide an outdoor environment that is safe, motivating, interesting, challenging and enjoyable.
  • An environment that compliments and extends indoor provision where all areas of learning are planned for, and supports the early learning goals.
  • That all children whatever race, colour or ability are catered for with no discrimination.
  • To provide an environment that gives all children space and freedom to move without obstacles and to help them learn through movement.
  • The planning of time spent outdoors will be as comprehensive as our planning for indoor activities.
  • Safety must be of utmost importance at all times. The area is securely fenced and checked regularly by the school caretaker.
  • Rules that relate to outdoor play must be adhered to at all times.
  • Boys and girls will be encouraged to take part in all activities i.e. there will be no discrimination.
  • Parents will be informed that the pre-school is hoping to spend as much time as possible outdoors and therefore children should be dressed appropriately (Wellingtons, fleece, hats, sun screen etc.).
  • Parents will be kept informed of this policy and our activities outdoors and will be encouraged to get involved whenever possible.

The pre-school promotes an equal opportunities policy so that no child or adult either in the care of the pre-school or employed by it is subject to discrimination or exclusion on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, disability or sex. The pre-school promotes positive images of all children and families so that children learn to develop attitudes free from prejudice and discrimination.

Bobkins actively promotes diversity through our curriculum including celebrations, festivals and looking at faith traditions.

We do not discriminate against a child with a disability or refuse a child entry to our pre-school because of any disability.


Posts are advertised and all applicants are judged against explicit and fair criteria. All job descriptions include a commitment to equality and diversity as part of their specifications

We monitor our application process to ensure that it is fair and accessible.

All employees and Committee Officers are CRB or DBS checked.

All staff hold a minimum qualification of NVQ Level III, paediatric first aid certificates and are committed to regular in-service training including prevent duty and promoting British values.

We operate with a minimum of two staff daily under the following ratios ;

Children aged 2 years = 1 adult : 4 children

Children aged 3-5 years = 1 adult : 8 children

Or 1 teacher : 13 children

We use a key person system. However as a small setting, all staff get to know all children and families and we encourage staff to change working days occasionally to accommodate this.

Regular staff and committee meetings are held to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss children’s progress, their achievements and any difficulties that may arise from time to time. A staff link book is used to promote continuity.

Ofsted is informed of any changes in the person responsible for our pre-school.


- Changes to your child’s hours can be requested in the last weeks of each term in preparation for the start of a new term.

  • Fees must be paid by the end of the half term to which they apply. It is acceptable to pay fees either daily, weekly or by the half term.
  • If any Parent/Guardian is experiencing difficulty with the payment of fees, the Chairperson of the group should be notified as soon as possible and arrangements can be made at the Committee’s discretion.
  • In extreme circumstances where fees remain outstanding for an extended period of time, the child’s place can be withdrawn. Please refer to a copy of our “Non-Payment of Fees Policy” especially to the recovery of debt and charges incurred in doing so.
  • One months notice must be given if a place is no longer required and fees must be paid until the end of the half term period.
  • Bobkins will remain open whenever Bosley St Mary’s School is open. However in case of closure due to adverse weather conditions, it is our policy that fees will continue to be paid, however payment will not be required for inservice days or bank holidays.
  • Sessions will be charged for if your child is ill or a holiday is booked during term time and if booked in at Bobkins on a school transition day.
  • Lunchtime sessions are offered with a charge to cover staffing costs. An additional charge will also be made for any meal provided either by Bosley Bobkins or Bosley St. Mary’s School. In accordance with our general fee policy, any pre-booked lunchtime sessions must be paid for in full even if the child is off for illness or holiday. In such cases, payment for food will not be necessary. Bobkins can usually offer lunchtime sessions on an ad-hoc basis should the staffing situation allow. Payment for such sessions can be either on the day or added to the following half term invoice. However payment for food will be required on that day.

- Bobkins’ committee reserve the right to charge a month’s fees for a pre-booked place that is not taken up by way of notice.

These policies were adopted at a meeting of the pre-school held on: 24 October 2019

Signed on behalf of Bosley Bobkins pre-school ………………………………………………………….